Photos from December 9 Justice Bus

On Saturday more than a hundred Lancastrians gathered to tour the hideous route of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline as it winds through our county. We mourned, we witnessed the destruction, we supported each other, and we danced, danced, danced. All in the first snow of the season.

(Image: David Parry)

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Press Release on Martic Heights 5

Lancaster Against Pipelines issued the following press release on November 19 after 5 more arrests of protesters.

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Martic Heights 5

On Saturday 5 more people were arrested on Martic Heights Drive. They join the Lakewood 3, The Quilt 6, The Chapel 23 and, in 2015, the Conestoga 8. 

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Anne Sensenig in Mennonite Creation Care

Resident song leader Anne Sensenig recently contributed a piece on the movement to Mennonite Creation Care. You can read the entire piece here.


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The Lakewood 3

They're the Lakewood 3: Kathleen, Ruth and Ann.


This past Saturday, 50 local residents spent the morning defending Lancaster County against Williams’s invasion of our community, delaying land-destruction at five different sites. 

In the afternoon, a large-scale action in Martic Township shut down a tree-clearing operation for half the day, culminating with the arrests of three incredibly brave women, the Lakewood 3. They stayed on site, after police issued their final warning, to defend the neighborhood—and the mature forest--from being ripped apart for this unnecessary export pipeline.
These three local heroes were arrested for peacefully doing the right thing: using civil disobedience to publicly defy the corporate purchase of our political system and the degradation of our neighborhoods. They join the Chapel 23 and the Quilt 6 who were arrested last month for peacefully defending farmland owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Columbia, PA.
Saturday’s arrests bring the total number to thirty-two in the past month alone.Considered alongside the hundreds of others who have participated in these actions, these numbers show the commitment of community members to make real sacrifices for what they believe in.
Pipeline supporters—those who work for the industry or have been fooled into submission by its million dollar advertising campaigns—ask why we continue protesting now that construction has begun. "The pipeline is a done deal," they say.
We wholeheartedly disagree. Last week's construction halt—and the $8M Williams lost daily, in addition to the millions of dollars it cost Williams’s exporter, Cabot Oil & Gas—shows that the Atlantic Sunrise project is far from a done deal. We refuse to throw up our hands in defeat. Too much is at stake.
Community resistance is key to keeping investors nervous and politicians accountable. It also keeps our voices in the ears of federal judges now reviewing the three active lawsuits challenging this scandalous project.
Read about Saturday's action here:
Lancaster Online"'We were prepared to be involved in a direct action,' Meade said. 'I can no longer sit back.'"

Anne Sensenig's Song Sheet

If you've kicked around with us long enough, you know Anne Sensenig, our resident song leader.

She's shared her crib sheet for protests with us! 


Halt Lifted

Last evening the US Court for the District of Columbia lifted the halt of construction.

As you know, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia halted construction on the entire Atlantic Sunrise pipeline on Monday. Thanks to all of you who visited construction sites to document activity and see workers off.

Williams was not pleased by the stoppage—not least because their company’s stock value dropped by 5% in the blink of an eye.

Williams immediately asked the court to lift the halt—and demanded that the Sierra Club and the other petitioners in the lawsuit post an $8 million security bond for the company’s losses. Get that? They coerce our neighbors, invade our county, rake a trench through our fields and forests, endanger our health and safety—and still have the nerve to ask us to pay more.

The best destruction money can buy.

But last evening, in a move that emphasizes the grip of power that this industry has on our country, the court lifted the ban.
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News on the Construction Halt

A federal court has issued an emergency motion to temporarily stop construction on the Atlantic Sunrise project, a $3 billion export pipeline running through Lancaster County.

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