Major US Presidential Candidate Denounces Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

Bernie_Millersville.jpgAs you probably know, Lancaster Against Pipelines (LAP) includes Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Greens; and we do not endorse any particular candidates or parties. 

That said, we are overwhelmed and truly grateful when a presidential candidate chooses to stand with us in our fight to keep the Atlantic Sunrise Project out of our community.  Malinda Clatterbuck of LAP gave an inspiring speech to the crowd of over 3,000 at a Millersville University presidential rally last night.  Then US Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders had this to say:  “While I am here in Pennsylvania, let me just mention to you that I am proud to join a grassroots coalition of local residents, business owners, farmers, and religious leaders in strong opposition to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.”

LAP challenges all candidates and voters to reject the idea that fracking and pipelines are some kind of bridge to a more sustainable future at a time when climate change is at our door and fossil fuel extraction is a threat to our communities, our environment and precious water resources.  

Thank you Senator Sanders for standing with the thousands of PA residents who are committed to keeping the Atlantic Sunrise Project out of our state!

Click here to view YouTube video of Millersville University Rally including Malinda Clatterbuck's speech and introduction.

Click here to read Lancaster Newspaper's online article regarding Senator Sanders' statement against the ASP.