August 27 Vigil

Sunday's vigil and community meeting was attended by more than 80 people, including local and regional Adorers, who hosted the event, Mark Clatterbuck and Malinda Clatterbuck who updated supporters on next steps, and the amazing Bobbi Carmitchell who sang. The weather was perfect. Click through for video and photos.

 Sister Helena talking with Sister Sara and Mark. Photo: Rebecca Gardner 


Sister Leona. Photo: Rebecca Gardner

Ashton and Sister Leona, who led the vigil. Photo: Mark Clatterbuck

The sisters blessing attendees for their support. Photo: Rebecca Gardner

Malinda leading the community meeting update. Photo: Rebecca Gardner


Sunset. Photo: Mark Clatterbuck

Photo: Rebecca Gardner

Chapel visitors tie prayer ribbons on the surrounding fence. Photo: Rebecca Gardner

Mark updating attendees on the sisters' lawsuit. Photo: Rebecca Gardner

The Adorer's cross, fabricated and mounted on the arbor by an anonymous supporter. Photo: Rebecca Gardner