AP/WaPo on the Adorers

Here's a little news item we missed in the lead up to yesterday's joyful and determined chapel dedication: a tidy summation of Williams's intention for the sisters' property--and the sisters' own intentions--by the Associated Press and picked up by the Washington Post.

"COLUMBIA, Pa. — A group opposing a natural gas pipeline slated to go through land owned by some Pennsylvania nuns has built a prayer chapel on the proposed right of way."


"Lancaster Against Pipelines and the sisters, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, plan to dedicate the chapel at a prayer service on Sunday.

Williams Partners is the group building the pipeline across 183 miles of Pennsylvania. It has asked a Lancaster County judge for an emergency order to seize the land. A ruling on that is pending.

The company’s spokesman says the chapel is a 'blatant attempt to impede pipeline construction.'

The nuns say in a press release that they 'revere Earth as a sanctuary where all life is protected' and contend the pipeline violates their commitment to the environment."

Not only is the national coverage of the plight of Lancastrians gratifying to see, but the form of this brief piece highlights Williams's consistently flatfooted and disconcerting regard for the sisters--or anyone else in their coveted path.