Press Release: Lancaster Stands Against Transco/Williams to Protect our Homes, Land, Heritage, and Future

FERC’s approval of the Atlantic Sunrise Project lays bare a rigged system of government that serves big business and billionaires at the expense of local communities and the environment. FERC’s decision came nearly two months early, at Transco/Williams’ request, despite incomplete surveys, missing mitigation plans, numerous pending lawsuits, and unprecedented community opposition. 

That opposition includes more than 30 Lancaster County property owners whose land can now be condemned so an Oklahoma company can make billions shipping US gas overseas by putting Pennsylvania’s families, land, and water at grave risk.

Local community members are committed to blocking construction of this pipeline with coordinated, creative, non-violent mass action. Next week, an encampment will be launched in southern Lancaster County as a base of massive Civil Disobedience. Watch for the Call to Action next week. We’ll need all hands on deck.

LAP will hold a PRESS CONFERENCE on Monday, February 6 @ 3 PM

Location: The Lancaster Stand

Email: for address